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Hi, I'm Nate Pramann, a Minnesota native, born and raised in the St Cloud area. I grew up fishing many lakes in central and northern Minnesota. No matter the season, my family and I are out fishing. 

After getting married and having kids, our focus was on fishing for panfish for the first couple of years. As the kids got older, we started fishing for Walleye, Bass, and Northerns again. With kids, we kept running into the problem of losing bottom bouncers. This led to us deciding we wanted something better, stronger, and more reliable.

We researched and looked at multiple options before deciding to make our own. Once we had a consistent product that we could easily switch in and out, we shared it with the family. Our product was received well by friends and family, and with encouragement, we started on the journey of creating our own tackle line.

Being a Machinist by trade, I started to design and test the Ring Rod line of drifts weights that produced great results and survived the abuse that it received being trolled behind a boat. After two years of testing, we had developed a line of weights that we could patent and sell in stores. 

Our mission is to give all fishermen and women a chance to try a new line of lead-free weights made in the USA, which will put more fish in your boat. 

Give our products a try, and feel free to share your experience with us.

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