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  • The suggested fishing line is a braided 20 to 30-pound test. The suggested line and weight are due to pulling the rod on the bottom of the lake or riverbeds hitting rocks, weeds, and logs ensuring you won't lose the Ring Rod.                                                                       

  • The Ring Rods bottom bouncers basic brass tip can be polished by using scotch brite pads or sandpaper to keep its shine - or by using Pro-Tec powder paint for lures and jigs located at most fishing retail stores. They even have Super Glow colors to choose from for dark waters or night fishing. The swivel tip on top of the brass one can use a lubricating   oil that will keep it spinning freely for many years of use. It helps attract fish with its oily fish smell.                                                                                        

  • A trolling fishing rod with a reel line counter is ideal but not mandatory. The Ring Rod has very little resistance pulling through the water, so the suggested main line let out is only five to ten feet longer than the depth you are fishing. Preferred speeds of .5 to 1.5 mph depending on flow rate and depth desired, the 11.5 Ring Rod keeps bait approximately a foot off the bottom keeping the bait in the fish's strike zone and not dragging on the bottom of the lake. A Snell line of your preferred weight and length is then pulled behind the Ring Rod for better sensitivity.

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